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Monthly giving is the most convenient and powerful approach to support vulnerable children and their communities. Your donation will be used wherever it is needed the most.   

Follow the wonderful impact that your donation makes in the lives of vulnerable children and families in the community through our updates and inspiring stories. 

Resettlement Program

Hearts-Vision believes that the best way to grow up in within a (foster) family. We reunite reformed /changed street children back to their families, guardians or foster families. Before resettling any child he or she has to first rehabilitate for the period of 3-4 months. After that, we do what we call home tracing (locate the child the child’s home). During this activity, we conduct a home assessment, which will show us if the family is capable of receiving the child back home.

Our Programs

Family Strengthening

Vulnerable families are at risk of loosing their children to the dangerous streetlife. To prevent this from happening Hearts-Vision provides education to vulnerable children, while they are staying at their family. We support the family with tips, advice and counseling to help them build a better future. For example; This can be in the form of starting up a small business to generate income so that the parents will be able to provide for their family.

Vociational Skills

Many times we experienced that vulnerable teenagers didn't go to school when the were younger. They are facing trouble trying to keep up in primary school with much younger pupils. Many times that crushes their self esteem and takes away their motivation. Instead of dropping out and giving up we provide a wide range of possibilities in vocational education. For example: Motocycle repair, hairdressing and cosmetology, tailoring, business administration, photo and video editting, mechanics, etc.

Primary or Secondary Education

Education is the key to a better future for vulnerable children, families and the development of the country. Hearts-Vision offers vulnerable children Primary and/or Secondary Education. Many times followed by Vocational education or University (depending on their results and motivation). This way they increase their chances on getting a job and being able to provide for their family in the future.

Outreach Program

Outreach is a very important part of our work. It is our field work. We go to the streets, slums and communities to meet vulnerable children and families. We meet, interact with, listen to, advice and monitor. After monitoring a child and/or family we can create a plan together in which we try to find ways how we can support them to create a better future for themselves.

Hearts-Vision Dance Crew

What started off as a small initiative by children in the living room of Hearts-Vision Home has now become a project. Former street children started to practice their own dance moves. More children have been joining the dance lessons. Hearts-Vision Home has turned into a go to place for youth in the surrounding community. We’ve seen how dancing could change the behavior of the children in a positive way. Boosting their energy, happiness, health, self-confidence and interaction with the community. We decided to support the initiatives of the children and help them to perform at various places.

Flower of Life

Children of Hearts-Vision Home and children participating in Hearts-Vision Dance Crew (from the surrounding community) we’re each given some seeds to plant. We gave them a task to take care of these seeds, each in their own creative way. The project is created to raise awareness of care and responsibility. The child who takes the best care of their flower/plant will receive a reward.

Agriculture and Livestock

As an organization we would like to become self sustainable in the future. One of the steps we are taking towards becoming self sustainable is agriculture and life stock. 40 kilometers outside of Kampala we've started to grow Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, sugarcane, cassava, pumpkins, corn, mango, papaya, jackfruit, guava, avocado and coffee. It helps the organization to become more independent. The harvest is not yet enough to completely sustain all the cost, but it serves as a big contribution in healthy diet for the children. 2 or 3 times a year we can harvest form the land. A harvest of corn, for example, can help us to provide 1 month of food for the kids in Hearts-Vision Home. On the land we also rear goats, sheep, chickens and turkeys.

Girls Education

Girls are the mothers of tomorrow and while they may not be the head of the family they are the mayor influencers of their childrens future. Helping to support girls will increase their possibilities to provide for their families, give them a better future, increase they self worth and confidence, etc.