Thank You For Your Interest In Hearts-Vision!

Start your own campaign with this Fundraising Checklist

Step 5:

Thank Everyone

Thank all the people that donated and/or participated. It seems normal, but many times this crucial part is forgotten. Make sure to thank everyone that donated and or participated. Personally, or you can send us a list with email addresses and names of the people that would like to receive more information and to send them a 'Thank You' letter from Hearts-Vision.

Step 1:

Target Group

Which audience do you target? It is important for both you and the people who would want to donate money to set a goal. It gives you something to aim for and it will encourage you when your fundraising is slowing down. A goal will encourage people who want to donate to give more when they see how their money can be used in the bigger picture. It is important that your goal is realistic. If the target is too ambitious people don't donate.

Don't aim too low, otherwise it will not be a challenge anymore. Keep your sponsors up to date about the progress. You can send an email when you reached 25%, 50% and 75% percent of your end goal. You can inform people about how they can help you to reach your goal. For example;  when you are left with 300 Euro you can ask 30 people to each give 10 Euro. If you would like to know what we can do with the amount of your goal in Uganda, please send us an email

Step 2:

Activity / Event

Choose a type of activity or event. Would you like to organize a big public event, or would you like to do something smaller with a few friends and family? Are you working alone, or would you like to work with a team? Would you you a sports challenge, an entertainment evening, or something completely different? How you decide to raise funds depends on the type of event or activity. We will give you some ideas of types  and ways that you can fundraise. But you can also follow your own ideas, which might be even better! Just enjoy the process.

Step 3:

Ways of Donating

Which way of donating do you choose? The most important thing is that it should be easy for people to donate. When you are organizing an event it might be convenient to gather cash. But when you are participating in a race you would likely to receive sponsor contribution. Don't forget that you will have to remind people to donate a few times. It would be good to keep record of the donations you received and the ones you still owe, so that you will not disturb the wrong people with reminders.

Step 4: Promote

Let audience know about your event. This is the key in fundraising whether it is through a small event or a big event. As soon as you finished the plan with details about your event you will have to shout it out. E-mail everyone you know, use flyers, use posters on your place of work. Start an online blog, write an article and send it to the local newspapers. The more people know about your event, the bigger your chance of achieving your goal in time. Here you can ultimately use your creative and original ideas, it will get the attention of more people.